What is BTC?

The Broadcaster Traffic Consortium LLC, known as BTC, is a unique coalition of 22 radio organizations across the United States and Canada. Working together, these organizations have formed a coast-to-coast terrestrial broadcasting network to distribute local traffic, weather, fuel prices, and other dynamic content, via radio technology. Sixteen of the top 20 U.S. radio organizations are BTC members.

BTC provides a single point of contact focused on building a North American HD Data and RDS-TMC network that offers a standardized, data distribution channel. From member obligations to implementation and operations, BTC is a consortium that’s built to be flexible. We can add or subtract the best broadcasters and their station signals as needed to meet the needs of our customers.  With over 1,500 potential FM stations as part of BTC (over 1200 of which are HD capable), our signal coverage surpasses any other HD radio offering.

BTC has partnered with HERE, the leading provider of in-vehicle navigation and real-time digital map data, to serve end users with up-to-the-minute Traffic, Weather, Fuel Prices and more. BTC drives HD data content development, spurring the investment of broadcasters in HD Radio and increasing the value of HD radio for the radio industry by complimenting HD audio with utilitarian HD data services.

BTC continues to research and test additional uses for HD Radio data services with partners other than HERE. Content providers of mass market data should consider the use of BTC services for your content distribution via HD Radio.


BTC Mission Statement

The BTC mission is:

  • To unify the radio industry for the delivery of nationwide HD data services
  • Improve HD radio system standards
  • Lead industry regulation and policy to support the advancement of HD Radio transmission
  • Build business value for HD radio

By working with all radio industry leaders, BTC creates a quality experience for content partners and the end user.

What defines BTC?

  • Standardized, data distribution channel

  • Excellent RDS-TMC and HD radio coverage

  • Real-time data delivery

  • Adaptable to partner needs

Coverage Markets

See the US and Canadian Market Coverage.

BTC Coverage Map